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Still cannot find a place that's better than China Chef

I lived in Morton Grove for 30 years. I grew up with China Chef. I moved to Grayslake Illinois every time I have a craving for China Chef I jump in the car driving 1 hour round trip 4 great Chinese food. Now that I've moved to Palatine which is closer but I still cannot find a place that's better than China Chef. Plus I also have great sweet and sour sauce and I think I've tried everything on their menu in all these years. Don't change a thing

This place is The Best hands down no joke

I have been eating here for a while but never reviewed. This place is The Best hands down no joke The BEST. Chinese (American) food I have ever had. Once upon a time there was a place in Rogers Park called Pekin House and I was very sad when they closed because my favorite food in the world was their Mongolian beef and peanuty flavored egg rolls. I searched and searched and this place is the only place that makes these same dishes the same way. (That I have found). You cannot go wrong with Mongolian beef or whatever meat, egg rolls, the all meat lumpia rolls, shrimp and lobster sauce and all the other common American Chinese favorites. I almost always get take out so I cannot speak for the service or presentation but I just want the food. ;)

The best of Business in 2014 in Morton Grove

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